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The Fairy Dogmother

Hello, my name is Arielle and I am the owner and groomer at The Fairy Dogmother, LLC. As long as I can remember I loved animals, and especially bonded with dogs. I grew up around Shih Tzus, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Maltese, eventually choosing a Newfoundland as my own dog, Bruno.

Bruno is the reason I am a groomer today. After loads of research on the breed, there was one thing that was made very clear, they need a lot of grooming! Bruno will be 11 years old this March and from day 1, I would brush him every day, and I enjoyed it!

My background for over a decade is in Horticulture as a Landscape Designer and Annuals Nursery Manager. Long winters in Maine and my love for dogs eventually pushed me to look for a career which is year round but also doing something I am equally passionate about. I became a certified groomer in 2015 and have not looked back since. I groom dogs of all sizes and all breeds. I have a patience for more difficult grooms as the most rewarding part to me is the finished product and seeing a dog be happy and comfortable!