Policies And Procedures

How we keep everything amazing!

We strive to create a great grooming service for our four legged friends and to do that we have some policies set in place to allow us to provide the services we do.

  • Late To Appointment Policy: We organize our schedule based on our one-on-one appointment times. We cannot provide quality service if an appointment is rushed or our other appointments are pushed back due to a late appointment. At 5-10 minutes past your allotted appointment time we will attempt to contact you. If we are still able to take your dog within the time left, you will be charged $1/minute past your original appointment time. At 15 minutes past your appointment time we may not be able to provide a quality service within the time left which would require us to reschedule your appointment and add a no show charge to your account (see no show policy)
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy: We are an appointment based business and require adequate notice of appointment cancellation to be able to reschedule accordingly. Our system offers a reminder notification 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you have to cancel your appointment within 24 hours we will add a cancellation charge of 50% of the service.
  • No Show Policy: After attempting to contact you per our Late To Appointment Policy, if we do not get any reciprocating contact we will add a no show charge of 100% of the service to be paid prior to future bookings.
  • Late Pick Up Policy: Because we operate on a by appointment basis we cannot provide long term care for your pet. We allow a 1 hour time frame to pick up your pet after we have contacted you or the appointed pick up time.
  • After Hours Pick Up Policy: Unless other arrangements have been made, we expect our clients to respect our hours of business. Any client with pets left at the shop past our hours of closing will be charged an after hours babysitting charge of $2/minute late.
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