Hey, I'm Arielle!

I am the owner and groomer at The Fairy Dogmother, LLC. As long as I can remember I loved animals, and especially bonded with dogs. I grew up around Shih Tzus, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Maltese, eventually choosing a Newfoundland as my own dog, Bruno.

Bruno is the reason I own a grooming salon today. After loads of research on the breed, there was one thing that was made very clear, they need a lot of grooming! Bruno turned 11 years old March 2020 and from day 1, I would brush him every day, and I enjoyed it!

My background for over a decade is in Horticulture as a Landscape Designer and Annuals Nursery Manager. Long winters in Maine and my love for dogs eventually pushed me to look for a career which is year round but also doing something I am equally passionate about. I became a certified groomer in 2015 and have not looked back since. I groom dogs of all sizes and all breeds. I have a patience for more difficult grooms as the most rewarding part to me is the finished product and seeing a dog be happy and comfortable!

Arielle Derice Poland


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Why Choose Us

First Class Care

The Fairy Dogmother, LLC offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for your four legged child to be pampered. We mostly do appointments that allow one-on-one attention, where we concentrate on your dog from beginning to end. Your dog can be picked up immediately upon finishing. Our cottages allow for a cage-free atmosphere with plenty of space to relax for any size dog. Giant breeds welcome! We work as a team. Often times multiple people will work on your dog during its appointment to ensure comfort and timely grooms.

Our Education

We are always continuing our education and attend grooming shows whenever we possibly can. We do our best to keep up with trends and are willing to work with any owner on more creative cuts and styles. Pet safe hair color, coming soon!

5+ Years in Business

Our Team

Arielle Derice Poland

Started Grooming in 2013
Founded The Fairy Dogmother, LLC in 2014
Lives in Falmouth with her three wonderful children and husband

Jenn Kane

Started grooming in 2016
Joined the Fairy Dogmother Team in 2019
Lives in Falmouth with her fiance and their German Shepherd Dog Chief and Husky Mix Kimber
Professional Pet Grooming Certification, 2017

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